• Ion exchange of zeolite membranes by a vacuum âflow

    Ion exchange of zeolite membranes by a vacuum ow-through technique Seok-Jhin Kima, Christopher W. Jonesa, Sankar Naira,, Yujun Liub, Jason S. Mooreb, Ravindra S. Dixitb, John G. Pendergast Jr.b, Sagar Sarsanib

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  • Zeolite Loaded Alginate Membrane for CO2 and CH4 Separation

    Natural zeolite-incorporated alginate membranes were subjected for the gas separation of CO2 and CH4. High concentration of CO2 as biogas product can decrease the combution heat. Therefore, the membrane permeability and selectivity of CO2 and CH4 were investigated. The zeolite-incorporated alginate membranes were prepared using solution technique.

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  • The preparation and gas separation properties of zeolite

    Jan 21, 2015 · Zeolite/carbon hybrid membranes with enhanced gas permeability were prepared by the incorporation of zeolites Y, , or ZSM-5 into the precursor of polyamic acid and carbonization at high temperature. The effects of physical and chemical properties of zeolites and the preparation parameters, involving the agglomeration size and crystal diameter of zeolites, content and carbonization

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  • Separation Science and Technology

    The optimum conditions for removal (flotation) of more than 95% of the zeolite were determined. Following flotation of the zeolite in the Na form, zinc ions were chosen to serve as an application for ion exchange by the zeolite (for metal recovery), followed by foam floatation of the exchanged form of the zeolite from solution.

    A. I. Zouboulis, D. Zamboulis, K. A. Matis 23 1991Inquire Now
  • High-silica zeolite membranes for gas and liquid separation

    High-silica zeolite membranes for gas and liquid separation . PROEFSCHRIFT . ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, op gezag van de rector magnificus prof.dr.ir. C.J. van Duijn, voor een commissie aangewezen door het College voor Promoties, in het openbaar te

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  • MFI zeolite membr anes from a- and r andomly oriented monol

    Abstract. c-Oriented columnar MFI films made by secondary growth of randomly oriented seed monolayers, deposited using sonication-assisted covalent attachment, exhibit n-hexane/2,2-dimethylbutane separation factor of up to 10 4, n-/i-butane separation factor of up to 50, and p-/o-xylene separation factor of up to 2.

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    tures, the above definition of a zeolite must be applied with caution. In order to identify the types of linkage in the zeolite structures, and to depict the structures on a two-dimensional paper surface, it has been necessary to resort to various simplifying devices in which tetrahedra and other structural units are denoted by

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  • Adsorption of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon on Na-CeX Zeolites

    Adsorption of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon on Na-CeX Zeolites 273 via pneumatic tube to a location with an average ther-mal neutron ux of 2.13 ×1012 n/cm2/s. Two separate counts of the resulting gamma ray activity were made, one after a 13-minute decay and a second count after 1 h and 56 min decay; both were for 500 s. Element

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  • Zeolite coated polypropylene separators with tunable surface

    Zeolite coated polypropylene separators with tunable surface properties for lithium-ion batteries Xueliang Dong, Wanliang Mi, Linghui Yu, Yi Jin, Jerry Lin Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy, School for (SEMTE)

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  • Oxygen Separation from Air Using Zeolite Type 5A

    Oxygen Separation from Air Using Zeolite Type 5A. Dr.Hussein H. Hamed Abstract- An adsorption (PSA) unit consist of two tubes columns pressure swing, (6cm diameter and 70cm bed length) and a dryer

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  • Peter MAIER-LAXHUBER, et al.: Zeolite/water adsorbtion

    The word zeolite is of greek origin and means directly translated »boiling rock« which describes the effect which is to be seen if water is poured over dry zeolite. In 1925 the process of water and methanol separation using zeolites was observed for the first time.

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  • Oxygen and Nitrogen Separation from Air Using Zeolite Type 5A.

    Oxygen and Nitrogen Separation from Air Using Zeolite Type 5A. Dr.Hussein H. Hamed Department of Fuel and Energy, Technical College-Kirkuk, Iraq [email protected] Received 24 November 2014 Accepted 20 January 2015 ABSTRACT An adsorption (PSA) unit consist of two tubes columns pressure swing, (6cm diameter and 70cm

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  • Membrane gas separation - Wikipedia

    Zeolite membranes selectively separate molecules based on pore size and polarity and are thus highly tunable to specific gas separation processes. In general, smaller molecules and those with stronger zeolite-adsorption properties are adsorbed onto zeolite membranes with larger

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  • Zeolite Membrane quot;ZEBREX (Bioethanol, Solvent Dehydration

    ZEBREX is a cutting-edge zeolite membrane dehydration process. With a proven track-record at over 70 plants in the world, the combination of dehydration devices with ZEBREX zeolite membranes for bioethanol manufacturing processes can contribute to energy-saving and increased production.

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  • Zeolite Membrane Separation - DiVA portal

    /He separation factor of 62 was observed at 124 K. The N. 2. permeance was rather high, up to 39 ×10 7. mol m 2. s 1. Pa 1. The separation was attributed to adsorption selectivity to N. 2, effectively suppressing the transport of He in the zeolite pores and this effect was more significant at temperature.

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  • Computer Simulation of Zeolites: Adsorption, Diffusion and

    with a size of 50 mm, and MOR-type zeolite of 40 mm, respectively. 1.1.2 Catalytic properties Zeolites have been widely used as active and selective catalysts in the petrochemical industry [29]. Zeolite activity originates from either Brønsted acid sites or active metal non-framework atoms that may be present in the zeolite [1014].

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  • Recent developments in zeolite membranes for gas separation

    Zeolite T is a low-silica (Si/Al 34) intergrowth of offretite (OFF, 1-dimensional, 12MR) and erionite (ERI, 3-dimensional, 8MR). Zeolite T membranes were evaluated in the separation of CO 2 from CH 4 and other gases and displayed decent performance at low temperature and pressure conditions. 3.2. 8MR membranes

    Nikolay Kosinov, Jorge Gascon, Freek Kapteijn, Emiel J.M. Hensen 145 2016Inquire Now
  • Zeolite Membranes for Separation of Mixtures Containing Water

    Dec 02, 2010 · Zeolite membrane sheets for separation of mixtures containing water, alcohols, or organics are provided, as well as methods for making the same. Thin, but robust, zeolite membrane sheets having a zeolite membrane layer formed directly on a thin porous metal support sheet provide improved separations performance.

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  • Application of flotation for the separation of metal-loaded

    The impact of chemical speciation during various applications of flotation for the separation or removal of metals has been analytically examined in a recent review (Matis and Zouboulis, 2001), whereas the stability of zeolites in acidic solutions was also commented.

    Kostas A. Matis, Anastasios I. Zouboulis, George P. Gallios, Torsten Erwe, Christoph Blöcher 54 2004Inquire Now
  • Application of Flotation for the Separation of Metal-Loaded

    Application of Flotation for the Separation of Metal-Loaded Zeolite Article in Chemosphere 55(1):65-72 · May 2004 with 323 Reads How we measure 39;reads39;

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  • Examples Of Flotation Separation

    Floatation Definition Of Floatation By MerriamWebster. Floatation definition is - the act, process, or state of floating the separation of the particles of a mass of pulverized ore according to their relative capacity for floating on a given liquid also any of various similar processes involving the relative capacity of materials for floating.

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  • Zeolite vs MOF Membranes For Carbon Dioxide Separation: Which

    Nov 04, 2013 · Carbon dioxide separation from light gases is a very important environmental and energy issue. The state-of-the-art process for the purification of CO2 from gases uses amine adsorption , which is a complex , and costly approach. Membrane separation technology is far less expensive and requires less energy consumption.

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  • Applications of Zeolites

    Applications of Zeolites There are three main uses for zeolites in industry, the most important being catalysis, but others include gas separation and ion exchange: Catalysis. Zeolites are extremely useful as catalysts for several important reactions involving organic molecules. The most important are cracking, isomerisation and hydrocarbon

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  • H2/CO2 Gas Separation Characteristic of Zeolite Membrane at

    Recently, the faujasite(FAU), the silica/aluminophophate(SAPO-4) framework family of zeolite have been studied for CO2 gas separation. In our study, ZSM-5 membrane was prepared on the porous alumina support using a hydrothermal technique. The thickness of zeolite membrane was controlled by the hydrothermal reaction time and temperature.

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  • Zeolite Nanosheet Membrane Process - 20110221 - University of

    Potential uses include the separation of ethanol/butanol and water in biofuel production, lowering the cost and energy intensity of these processes. BENEFITS OF ZEOLITE NANOSHEET MEMBRANES: Lower cost than current zeolite manufacturing technology. Produces large (m 2) zeolite nanosheets (lt;500nm) with high flux and high selectivity.

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  • (PDF) Gas Separation by Zeolites - ResearchGate

    Gas Separation by Zeolites. Article (PDF Available) · July 2003 (3A) zeolite and separation of straight and. branched chain hydrocarbons by Ca-Na A (5A) zeolite.

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  • Propylene/propane separation by vacuum swing adsorption using

    A vacuum swing adsorption process using 13X zeolite pellets with five steps was designed to split an equimolar mixture of propylene/propane: pressurization with feed; high-pressure feed; high-pressure purge with product; cocurrent blowdown; and counter-current vacuum blowdown, where the enriched propylene product is withdrawn.

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  • Applications of High Silica Zeolite Membrane to Liquid

    A new high silica zeolite membrane named ZEBREX TM has high pervaporation performance for the separation of various organic solvent and water mixtures even under acid conditions. In this review article, we report some new applications for liquid separation and gas separation of ZEBREX TM.

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  • Recent Progress in Zeolite/Zeotype Membranes

    membrane [8]. In an effort to develop zeolite membranes more suitable for H 2 separation, various types of zeolite membranes are modified. The aim of the modification is to tune the size of zeolite pores and/or to decrease the number of defects within as synthesized zeolite membranes. The modification

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  • Zeolites-applications

    Ion exchange: Hydrated cations within the zeolite pores are bound loosely to the zeolite framework, and can readily exchange with other cations when in aqueous media. Applications of this can be seen in water softening devices, and the use of zeolites in detergents and soaps.

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